Integration into electronic data processing solutions and application of dynamic FEFO in real-world logistics processes

In Scope 4 primarily the logistical processes are considered, thereby the following work packages will be performed:

  1. Development of a technical concept
  2. Creating a simulation model and implementation of simulation
  3. Development of an integration concept
  4. Conduct a efficiency audit

In the first work package the current business processes of the application partners are modeled. Based on weak-point analysis, requirements for the new logistic target processes are defined. This target processes are then developed and modeled. They represent the new processes and show how the Intelligent Container changes the current business processes.

Based on the logistic target processes simulations are carried out and thus validating the impact of the intelligent container. The simulation results lead to integration concepts for the individual application partners. In these concepts, the specific involvement of the intelligent container in the business processes is described. By means of field tests the implementation of these concepts is assessed and optimized empirically.

Finally, the efficiency of the developed concepts will be evaluated and the impact of the intelligent container on legal issues clarified.

Qualitymodel and logistic process