Enlargement of the consortium by three new partners.


Start of the innovation alliance

The Intelligent Container: networked intelligent objects in logistics " Beginning of the new industry-oriented project with initially 13 partners and 6 research institutes


Start of the first transfer project

Test of the system at sea and land transportation with three industrial partners for 2 years.

Several press reports about the project (selected):



19. January: Berichts-Kollogium  des SFB637 in Bremen

Public performance of a model of 'intelligent container' (Agenda)

16. February: embedded World 2006, Nürnberg

Jedermann, R.; Lang, W.: Mobile Java Code for Embedded Transport Monitoring Systems. In: Grote, C.; Ester, R. (eds.): Proceedings of the Embedded World Conference 2006. Franzis Verlag, Poing, 2006, pp. 771-777 (Full Paper, 7 pages)

24.-28. April:  Hannover Messe 2006

Publication of the second project flyer of the 'Intelligent Container' in Englisch und German

Public demonstration of the model 'intelligent container' and the scientific background:

Gould, D.; Jedermann, R.; Behrens, C.; Gehrke, J. D.; Morales-Kluge, E.; Lang, W.: A demonstration of autonomous RFID- and telemetric sensor networks in logistics. (Slides)

1. May:  Second RFID Academic Convocation, Las Vegas, 2006

Presentation of the project

Jedermann, R.; Uckelmann, D.; Sklorz, A.; Lang, W.: The intelligent container: Combining RFID with sensor networks, dynamic quality models and software agents  --- Smart Containers for an Autonomic Supply Chain --- (Abstract) (Slides)

1 June: Registrierung der Webpage www. intelligentcontainer.com und .eu registriert

Publication of the second project flyer on the webpage.


11-15. April: Hannover Messe 2005

Publication of the first project flyer (only in German) (pdf)

10.-12. May: Sensors 2005, 12th international conference

Presentation of the concept at the conference:

Jedermann, R.; Behrens, C.; Gorecki, C.; Westphal, D.; Congil, J.; Laur, R.; Benecke, W.; Lang, W.: Linking RFIDs and Sensors for Logistical Applications. In: Sensor 2005. 12th International Conference, AMA Service GmbH, Wunstorf, Germany, 2005, pp. 317–322 (Full Text, 6 pages)


The project SFB637 began in January 2004 as part of the Collaborative Research Center "self-controlling processes in logistics".

6. June: Logistik Kurier

Report on the SFB637: 'On the way to the intelligent container'
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