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2012/05/04 08:53 Age 6 Years

Talk (Thementag Logistik)

At Thementag Logistik - "Agro & Food needs technical inspiration" (May 30th 2012, Venlo, Netherlands) a talk about the intelligent container takes place.

Sensor supervision of perishable products by
the intelligent container
Prof. Dr. Walter Lang, Head of Institute,
Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jedermann, Senior researcher,
IMSAS, Institute for Microsensors, -actors and –systems,
University of Bremen, Germany

The intelligent container provides remote on-line supervision for the  transport of agricultural products such as flowers, fruits and vegetables. The system detects temperature deviations and gaseous indicators for unwanted ripening processes as soon as possible. A shelf life model predicts the effects of the measured parameter deviations onto the product quality. Thereby, the model will improve the transport and warehouse planning. A new mobile high-resolution ethylene sensor, improved shelf life models, and efficient wireless sensors are currently developed by a consortium of 20 German research institutes and industrial partners.
“The future container will be self-supervising. It will calculate a percentage indicator for quality loss based on the measurement of critical gas accumulations and temperature deviations per pallet.”