< Protokoll-Interoperabilitäts -Tests (ETSI)
2012/03/28 11:56 Age 6 Years

Protocol interoperability testing (ETSI)

The Working Group Communication Networks (ComNets) has participated in an interoperability testing of Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) of ETSI with the implementation of the protocol for the embedded operating system TinyOS.

In the so-called plugtest the CoAP-implementations were tested by 15 companies and institutions with each other. Among the participants were Actility, Watteco, ETH Zürich, Hitachi, Huawei, Intecs, KoanLogic, Patavina, Sensinode, Uni Bremen, Uni Rostock, Rtx, Ibbt und Ferrara. Of the more than 3000 tests performed about 94% were successful.

The CoAP-implementation of ComNets, which is also used in the intelligent container, with the name CoapBlip is part of the next release of the TinyOS operating system.

The interoperability meeting took place prior to the Internet Engineering Task Force meeting. There, among others, CoAP-documents will be discussed as the week progresses.