Airflow tests in the Intelligent Container

IMSAS completed their airflow sensor in December 2012. It is capable of measuring airflow speeds up to 7 m/s (bidirectional). Nine tests were performed from 21st to 25th January 2013 in The Intelligent Container. Eight airflow...More


Intelligent container's second test run begun

After the first successful field test of the "Intelligent Container" in summer 2012 (see news here und here) at the moment the second transatlantic test run takes place. Like the last time bananas within the...More


Third consortium meeting held

The third consortium meeting of the project "The intelligent container" was held on the 6th and 7th of September 2012 at Hotel Deutsche Eiche.More


Presentation at SKIMA 2012

The paper "Feasibility of shifting decision support tools for quality estimation in food logistics to the sensor node level" will be presented at SKIMA 201. SKIMA (Software Knowledge Information Management and...More


Successfully returned from Costa Rica

The prototype of the "intelligent container" was shipped to Costa Rica for a field test (see here). In Costa Rica, fresh green bananas were packed together with sensors in banana boxes, which were stacked on pallets....More


SmartGAS supports the project

The company smartGAS supports the project "The intelligent container" and provides their ethylene sensors (based on IR absorption). http://www.smartgas.eu/More


On its way to Costa Rica

Our prototype container was shipped to Costa Rica on June 18th 2012 for the next field test. In July twenty pallets of green banana with wireless sensors will be loaded to the container. Online supervision will be provided by...More

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