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03/09/2012 12:16 Alter: 6 Jahre

Vortrag auf der SKIMA 2012

Der Beitrag "Feasibility of shifting decision support tools for quality estimation in food logistics to the sensor node level" wird auf der SKIMA 2012 vorgestellt.

Die SKIMA (Software Knowledge Information Management and Application) 2012 findet vom 09.-11. September in Chengdu, China statt.


The topic of this paper is the verification of the feasibility of execution of quality estimation algorithms in food logistics (cold-chain transportation) on the sensor node level. In the Intelligent Container Project we want to achieve monitoring of environmental parameters to estimate the current and future quality state of the perishable goods. Normally, a wireless sensor network is only used for data collection and transmission to a gateway device which acts as a bridge between the local environment and the end-user or logistics control center. It can either process the raw data or send them directly over a cellular network or satellite link. Data processing at node level has several benefits such as reduction of the amount of transmitted data to the gateway, thereby reducing the energy consumption on the nodes. In this paper we verify the feasibility of shifting decision support tools to the sensor node level. The conclusions show that it is possible to locally process the temperature and thus estimate the quality by running algorithms implemented in Java directly on wireless sensor nodes.