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Drei Vorträge auf zwei Konferenzen im Februar 2016

Neue Beiträge aus den Projekten ‚Intelligenter Container‘ und ‚COOL‘

International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN 2016)

February 15. – 17. 2016, TU Graz, Austria

Maxima estimation in spatial fields by distributed local polynomial regression

Reiner Jedermann, Henning Paul, Walter Lang

Identifying the location of field maxima is a crucial task in environmental monitoring. A modified local polynomial regression method was applied to find maxima in between the sensor nodes. The method is well suited for a distributed implementation.

5th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC 2016)

Bremen, Germany, February 22 – 25, 2016

Advantages of sub-GHz communication in food logistics and DASH7 implementation

Chanaka Lloyd, Sang-Hwa Chung, Walter Lang and Reiner Jedermann

The benefits of remote monitoring of perishable food items in transport and storage of a cool chain have been established and much talked about in the past decade. In order to convey the measured para-metric data over for processing, wireless sensor networks are used, mostly in 2.4 GHz communication range, but it suffers from high signal attenuation in environments with high water content. This paper analyzes the possibility of wireless communication in 433MHz and its lower sensitivity to water containing environments by means of a case study in an apple storage warehouse. The experiment shows near conformity to a previously implemented theoretical model of signal attenuation, the only error being due to ca. 10% more water in apples compared to bananas. Secondly, the papers focuses on practical experiments with the focus on the DASH7 protocol, which is dedicated to sub-GHz communication, the OSS-7 software stack, and a multi-sensor, small-footprint hardware platform.

Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks into Industrial Control Systems

Toqeer Raza, Walter Lang, Reiner Jedermann

In this paper, a prototype is developed, which can easily integrate a wireless sensor with programmable logic controllers (PLC) using ProfiNet. The low-cost embedded system ‘Raspberry Pi’ was used to connect a wireless gateway with ‘ProfiNet’. A Wizziboard wireless sensor node, running the dash7 communication protocol, periodically sends temperature and humidity data. This data is received at the UART of ‘Raspberry Pi’. A modified Snap7 library is used for communication between ‘Raspberry Pi’ and Simatic manager. The data is transferred using the Ethernet bus. The prototype is tested on ‘Simatic manager’ with a PLCSIM simulator installed on a PC. The Siemens HMI software Wincc flexible is used to monitor the state of PLC systems. Here, Wincc flexible is connected to the PLC over the TCP/IP protocol. Simatic manager and Wincc flexible have been tested on a windows PC. Data logging is also implemented in the HMI software.