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28/02/2013 15:36 Alter: 5 Jahre

Airflow tests in the Intelligent Container

IMSAS completed their airflow sensor in December 2012. It is capable of measuring airflow speeds up to 7 m/s (bidirectional). Nine tests were performed from 21st to 25th January 2013 in The Intelligent Container. Eight airflow measurement tests were dedicated to measuring airflow in various gaps using the conventional banana pallet loading scheme and the chimney loading scheme. One temperature test was conducted using the BananaHop to measure the banana boxes' internal temperature. In two of the airflow measurement tests, reefer unit's ecoon and ecooff modes were tested.

Fifteen airflow sensors and 96 iButton sensors were used in an attempt correlate airflow and temperature data. Only up to a maximum of 12 pallets were used in all tests. All sensors used the BananaHop protocol to relay the sensor data to the FSU.