< Zwei Vorträge auf der IEEE Sensors 2017 in Glasgow
2017/08/23 11:49 Age 356 Days

Two presentations at the IEEE Sensors 2017 in Glasgow

30. October – 1 Nov. 2017, Glasgow, Scotland

See http://ieee-sensors2017.org/ 

Jedermann, R.; Hartgenbusch, N.; Borysov, M.; Lang, W.:

Housing design for two-dimensional air flow sensors

Abstract— Two-dimensional measurement of airflow requires the design of a special housing. Key issues were the distance between the sensor surface and protective cover, as well as the attachment of the cover. Even thin cover holding needles affect the air flow inside the gap. The newly designed anemometer with improved housing geometry can measure airflow in x- and y-direction down to 0.1 m/s.

Jedermann, R.; Paul, H.; Lang, W.: 

Spatial processing of sensor network data - Demonstrator and feasibility study

Abstract—In this paper we present a new approach to reduce the amount of required data transfers in wireless sensor networks by distributed in-network processing of spatial sensor data. The measurements of local clusters are described by a model consisting of a set of Virtual Sensors (VS). Quasi optimal positions of the VS in-between real sensors are calculated on sensor nodes, which act as cluster heads. Tests on a demonstrator network verified good data compression, an acceptable prediction error of the distributed algorithm, and computational feasibility on sensor nodes equipped with a floating-point ARM processor.