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2013/10/30 14:45 Age 5 Years

Detection of Mould Contamination of Container Cargo

Launch of follow-up project October 2013

In June 2013, together with 22 partners from industry and research, IMSAS successfully finished the project “The Intelligent Container”. Nevertheless, not all important issues concerning logistics could be solved. One important question was left: How is it possible to measure  mould contamination occurring  during transport of perishable foodstuffs? As a consequence, a new project---MaUS: to translate from German: micro reactor system for the autonomous measurement of mould contaminations---initiated by IMSAS started in October 2013. With innovative sampling procedures the well-proven method of cultivating a sample on a breeding ground will be automated for the first time. Technical novelties as well as research on and  development of new biological components are in focus. Knowing the main fungi and their characteristics in combination with the right breeding ground, not only the evaluation of the contamination but as well the classification of the species will be possible.