< Erfolgreich aus Costa Rica zurückgekehrt
2012/08/09 14:30 Age 6 Years

Successfully returned from Costa Rica

The prototype of the "intelligent container" was shipped to Costa Rica for a field test (see here).

In Costa Rica, fresh green bananas were packed together with sensors in banana boxes, which were stacked on pallets. Overall, the "intelligent containers" was loaded with 20 pallets.

On July 17th the "Intelligent Container" started on its journey across the Atlantic towards Europe. Through satellite communications, besides determining the current position of the "Intelligent Containers", it was possible to monitor the bananas online for the first time.

On July 31th a part of the lading was used to make a first attempt to ripen bananas within the "Intelligent container". Currently, the data are evaluated and additional field tests are planned.

Here, once again, thanks shall be directed to all persons involved in the field test, who contributed to the success.